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Comments Received in 1997

Mark in L.A. at 6:29:50 Wednesday December 31 97
Great collection! I have perhaps 80 - mostly empty (unless flavored, brightly colored or otherwise weird), alas. Some novelties include Spiro Agnew papers (former U.S.V.P.), some with the N.Y.State drug penalties, Hustler, self-stick, very pretty Portugese Zigzags, etc. I am unclear whether you do sales...

peter in great yarmouth at 14:50:21 Saturday December 20 97
Why is it that, every other green paper pulled, is folded with the gum on the outside. ( well my last 5 packets have been this way, Great site. PG

XAVI I SOILI in BARCELONA at 22:47:26 Wednesday December 17 97
Hi, we collect smoking papers and we ask you for information about different tipes of rolling papers. We love smoking joints, but unfortunallity this is not allowed in our society. We hope that it will be permised in a few years, because we want that our children could smoke in the streets and wherever they want. Sorry for our english, we are still studing. Bye.

Colin Armstrong in Leeds U.K. at 16:16:4 Thursday December 11 97
My compliments on a tremendous site - obviously the work of an enthusiast! Keep up the good work. If anyone would like help or info from Bull Brand just mail me at the above address and we'll be glad to help.

MUHAMMAD in WATERLOO IA at 3:16:21 Wednesday December 10 97

john price in manchester at 20:27:8 Tuesday December 9 97
I am a collector of the inserts do you have a list of all the different 5 papers left?

Bonnot in Montreal at 19:58:34 Tuesday December 9 97
I can't e-mail question, the e-mail addresse I have seem to be wrong. What is your right e-mail address? Thanks
(Now corrected - Arcadia Bell)

marcus mahoney in waco,tx at 18:16:55 Sunday December 7 97
would enjoy any info on free papers or good papers in general...

Dan Laudermilch in Lancaster at 13:55:18 Friday December 5 97
I would like to no if you sell JOKER car window stickers. I so I want to no how to get one!!! please E-mail me with an answer DAN

blotterz in New Jersey at 1:28:12 Friday December 5 97
I haven't gone through the whole site yet, but so far it has me wishin I had a case of Joker 1.50's... keep puffin. peace, ~*~blotterz~*~ --do you guys have lion of judha's?

Michael in Duesseldorf/Germany at 23:57:6 Thursday December 4 97
There is another interesting homepage about cigarette tobacco. They also have cigarettte paper: http://www.javaanse.de The home of JAVAANSE JONGENS CIAO DON MICHELE

Michael Walsdorff in Duesseldorf/Germany at 14:13:20 Thursday December 4 97
There is also a cool website about Samson in Germany: http://www.samson-tabak.de Bye Michael

Bob Hutchins in Hartland at 23:45:8 Sunday November 30 97
I'm looking for distributors price list for rolling papers Phone/Fax 802-436-2991

Mark Dallas in London at 16:13:54 Saturday November 29 97
Excellent site! You sure have a lot of papers! Where do you manage to stash 'em all? Thanks for visiting my Pad . Keep on rollin' baby... and don't forget to inhale!

Matt Pierce in portland or at 2:0:5 Saturday November 29 97
I'm wondering if you could supply me with any information concerning the purchasing of Bambu rolling tobacco. Bambu tobacco is the light in my life and I am never satisfied with the quanity available to me and any help you could provide would make my life mean somthing again.

jim ball in birmingham at 15:15:20 Wednesday November 26 97
wicked site, best skins are blue king size rizla with 1/4 removed

joquer in Spain at 13:20:35 Friday November 14 97
visit this page whit rolling papers http://ctv.es/USERS/joquer

Kevin A in Royston at 23:34:7 Thursday November 13 97
Hi Kev, about time I stopped by and signed. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Rob in Leicester,UK at 11:42:0 Wednesday November 12 97
I only smoke weed when I need to.... http://sinai.home.ml.org

Peter in Hilden/Germany at 17:51:42 Sunday November 9 97
I´m looking for collectors all over the world - please mail me (p1rip@vossnet.de)

Silverline Ltd in North London at 15:35:15 Sunday November 9 97
We are trying to contact you, but my emails all get returned, cannot find your address

JOQUER in Ibi alicante at 13:6:49 Sunday November 9 97
very interenting and nice pape visit

Craig in San Jose, CA, USA at 6:31:43 Sunday November 9 97
A great website. Enjoyed seeing cigarette rolling papers from around the world. I had a portion of my original collection of 300 different papers stolen when I was moving once, and saw some of the "lost brands" that I remembered so well. I lost about 100 to a moving company packer who thought he was getting a box with a Bible in it. Hope he is enjoying them. All my Alfa flavored packs. Would welcome email from any and all collectors. Just getting back into collecting after a 10 year pause - a lot to catch up on. Keep up the good work, I plan on being a regular visitor at your site.

Peter in Hilden/Germany at 15:3:39 Friday November 7 97
Hello - great site - I´m collecting Papers - if you want to trade- please mail me

Florian in Savigny at 14:12:51 Friday November 7 97
Super site!!! Could you tell me the adresse of the (un)official site of Winston-Salem?

Brian in riteherenow at 6:22:54 Friday November 7 97
I like your selection of all the many different rolling papers and I especially appreciate all of the older ones . Nice job on your information regarding the history of the rolling papers. I am fairly new and had no idea there is such a big variety of papers.

alex contant in quebec,canada at 0:0:38 Friday November 7 97
hi ,remeber me.anyway i've link your site to mine so check it out ans sign my gueesbook. smoke weed!!!!! http://www3.sympatico.ca/contant/HomePage.HTM

victor van der veen in derby at 3:21:16 Monday November 3 97
where can I find the rizla screensaver?

Nico in San Juan,Puerto Rico at 0:13:46 Thursday October 30 97
Hi From P.R. !get high and satisfied!.If you please get me the address for bambu rolling papers ,I will aprecciated a lot.

Lord Scott Robertson in Edinburgh at 3:6:7 Tuesday October 28 97
A lovely site

W F Murray in Garve at 17:36:30 Monday October 27 97
Nice One Kevin

Justin Henry in Warwick, UK at 12:52:52 Friday October 24 97
Keep on rollin' rollin' rollin'........

Activist3 in Manchester at 10:29:38 Wednesday October 22 97
I think this is a cool web-sight and i think that when the goverment legalise cannabis your products will sell millions. Est a la Vista Baby

Alan Heinze in Palmdale, CA at 6:22:15 Tuesday October 21 97
I enjoyed your site! Stop by iwcomm.com and iwcomm.com/glide/ Alan

alex in Montreal,quebec,canada at 2:55:1 Tuesday October 21 97
hi,i got a new email adress ...if you got something new from zig-zag tell it to me!!! bye your pot smoker friend

Kath & Karen in Chandler's Ford  at 16:27:33 Monday October 20 97
Hi Kevin - It's us! - Impressed with the site -  Keep it up.  Thanks for all you did to make the weekend a success.  Keep in touch!..

Debbie and Gray at 14:14:36 Monday October 20 97
Attn: Kevin Had a great weekend, loved your tie... Write soon..

Jacklyn in Prague at 17:13:2 Tuesday October 14 97
Great site, Kevin, look forward to seeing the Vazkas in your collection. Call in again whenever you are in Prague. Jacklyn

Tim Simmonds in Hatfield Peverel at 20:20:21 Sunday October 12 97
Hi Kevin Thanks to my friend Ian's connection I have been able to view your collection. Hope you are well, I will send you my email address as soon as I get one. Happy collecting Tim (Guy with the luggage in Prague)

patrick mcafee in stryker ohio at 20:56:42 Wednesday October 8 97
rolling papers are cool

Sandy Kobashigawa in Westminster, MD at 16:14:4 Wednesday October 8 97
I was very to hear of Princess Diana's untimely death. My deepest condolences go out to her family and most of all, to her dear sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She will be sorely missed.

kyle meicher in madison at 15:27:43 Monday October 6 97
I like marijuana

Vicki Ernecoff in Soinita, AZ at 18:31:39 Sunday October 5 97
My husband and I offer our sincere condolences. We adored Diana, and loved and respected what she stood for. She was the ideal parent, and my heart aches for her two beautiful sons. I feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness, that this never should have happened. The loss of this magnificant person will be felt for years to come. Love to Wills and Harry.XO

Patricia in Halifax NS Canada at 14:4:57 Sunday October 5 97
While my personal feelings are somewhat ambivalent I do offer sincere condolences. I never knew or met Diana and am at a loss to explain why I feel regrets. Thanks for allowing me time to express myself.

K. Wymer in Pinconning, Mi. at 6:35:33 Saturday October 4 97
50 years of smoking. stopping by to search for products. Best to all from Ken

Gary m.Van Eenoo in FORT GRATIOT MICH. at 22:5:30 Thursday October 2 97
I'm vary sorry that she passed away

Roophy Roy in Bridgeport,Ct at 13:14:55 Wednesday October 1 97
Hello, though you my not know me at all, I would like to say that I'm very sorry for your &the worlds lost. though I can't do much about it I hope that this letter helps. Once again I'm truely sorry for the lost of a ,GREAT PERSON, Princess Diana. Sorry! sincerely, Roophy Roy

Jeannette Moreno in Forest Grove, Oregon at 16:58:5 Tuesday September 30 97
Hi! I am saddened by Diana's death. I remember the day I sat and watched her wedding and have always been interested in her life. My regrets to the family. I work at Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Tobin in Cleveland, Ohio at 0:44:51 Saturday September 27 97
Big Bambu's, or as I more affectionately refer to as "Bambies", have proven to myself to be superior rolling papers. The glue is fabulous and I have found no better paper for twisting up my favorite green. In my hometown they carry a reputation for being long-lasting, often burning longer than my friend and I are capable of smoking. They're also great for road trips. Here at college, I am turning different people on every day to the splenders of a big fat bambie. Unfortunately, they are hard to find here in Oxford, Ohio. +

Aoots in Mobile at 22:9:20 Friday September 26 97
Cool Man.

Akhil Patel in houston at 3:44:57 Wednesday September 24 97
We my familly loved the princess I know she made many people happy she didn't treat the poor like dirt and mud she treated them like they were related to her . She was a marvalous person and she made many people proud of her she even touched the heart of me and my family and my friend and everyone else so who- had killed her was very stupid i've heard many stories about her .

ALEX CONTANT in quebec at 21:58:50 Tuesday September 23 97
great site about the zig-zag paper

Diane in Hemet, California at 16:54:50 Monday September 22 97
Hello, searching the internet, and I found you. Hello!

gonso in Barcelona(Spain) at 16:5:47 Wednesday September 17 97
Hi, First I wanna tell you that your I´ve enjoyed visiting your web page. I visited your page and I found there is no information about ´Smoking´, my favourite smoking paper. Good Bye

Anon at 2:10:39 Sunday September 14 97
Great and wonderful page! This encourages me to make my collection bigger. But it's hard to get all of these wonderful designs. (In that case send your e-mail address - maybe we can all help - Arcadia Bell)

Chang-li (Charlie) Huang in Taipei, Taiwan at 18:18:46 Saturday September 13 97 I am smoking Samson now, I am glad to know so many brands I do not know.

Posi in Athens at 23:14:16 Friday August 29 97
Again, an excellent collection! Puts mine at shame... If you need some doubles I have, please tell me... For example, I see you have no Greek or Albanian(!) papers...

jacques FOUSSAT in Nanterre at 11:37:35 Tuesday August 26 97
A french rolling paper addicted speaking. Very pleased to finally touch some site like yours. Beautiful, almost exhaustive, some fascinating pieces of history. I no longer feel alone. Really Ok to give a hand to complete (I mean to try) your collection. Tell me if you're intersted in addresses of makers, of the french museum or in any item you track. Believe me, I'll be a current guest.

Curtis Chang in Kempston at 15:59:12 Monday August 25 97
Hi Kevin, Like your collection,havent seen all as yet. Keep it up. Curtis

Tommy Hunter in Lawrenceville at 16:27:28 Saturday August 23 97
It would be pretty cool if we could get some free papers or some samples

Margaret Hornsby in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at 18:44:4 Friday August 22 97
What a wonderful homepage. I've told my son, Kris, about it and he can't wait to have a look at it. Congratulations on a job well done. from: Maggie.

James Corpening in Buffalo, NY at 7:14:19 Friday August 22 97
Kevin, thanks for pointing out the obvious--that you have that info on JB papers. I regret not thoroughly exploring your pages on my last visit. Now that I have, I'm quite impressed with the collection. Thanks for the TIFs. -jc

James Corpening in Buffalo, NY at 14:34:10 Thursday August 21 97
Hi. I am looking for an image of the ZigZag man before the change of (15?) years ago. Any info on where to find such? Also, I believe not many people know this, but the O in JOB is really a diamond intended to separate the J and the B (initials of the Frenchman who designed the papers). Although you'd probably get laughed at if you said it, the name of the papers is supposed to be JB. -jc

Dan Phillips in Martinsville In.USA at 3:38:17 Thursday August 21 97
Beautifully done. The most comprehensive display i have ever seen Ill be visiting often. Thank You!!

John Plumb in Nr Cheltenham, England at 18:55:14 Wednesday August 20 97
What an excellent collection!

Melissa Sousa in Somerset, MA at 18:16:45 Wednesday August 20 97
This is great but it would be better if we could get Free papers in the mail

Chuck Brogan in South Portland, Maine USA at 4:43:39 Wednesday August 20 97
Hi there! Great site! Rolling papers, eh? ;) 

Justine Campbell in Potters Bar at 22:8:42 Saturday August 16 97
Hi! I know that policewoman. I am sure it is my sister-in-law, recently transferred to the Met. Her name is Karen, not Polly though! Nice site! I like it! Jus.

Carlos Jimenez in Sao Paulo at 0:21:30 Friday August 15 97
Dear Mr. First I would like to congratulate you for this fantastic page. We are the exclusive representatives of Rizla products in Brazil and we are impressed with your page and would like to ask you for permission for using some of you material for divulge Rizla products in Brazil. My name is Carlos Jimenez and I am one of the partners of the company here in Brazil and I live in UK because I am finishing a degree at Portsmouth University. When in UK I would like to visit you, if it is convenient for you of course, and talk to you about rolling papers. Thank you. Best regards. Carlos Jimenez

kabu in Valencia at 17:8:28 Thursday August 14 97
I ejoy with your web page becouse i have a rolling papers collection . If you have any bmp of "cannabis indica papers" please e-mail-me

Jorge Erick Campos Hernandez in Heredia, Costa Rica at 0:11:53 Thursday August 14 97
I need a sample of rizla to make bisnes My direction is Heredia Costa Rica Av 12 calles 14 y 16. thanks!!!!!

Brian in Wokingham at 22:29:5 Monday July 28 97
Looks good. Must have taken you a lot of work. I can't say that I know much about 'roll-ups' but I know more now.

Juanjo Imaz in San Sebastian - Spain at 14:12:24 Monday July 28 97
Soy coleccionista de librillos de Papel de Fumar y me gustaría conocer si puedo comprar los que figuran en su colección, así como otros lugares donde encontrar librillos, tanto modernos como antiguos. Si Vds. conocen algún lugar les agradecería me lo comunicasen. Hasta pronto y gracias, JUANJO
Bruce in Moab, Utah ...US at 20:29:45 Friday July 25 97
Kevin: Your site is really coming along! The new Foy and Cord pages display great graphics! Lets start thinking about trading. Say Hi to Sian from Bruce & Rusty