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   EFKA Cigarettenpapier

 Our thanks and appreciation to EFKA for their support with this collection.


Introducing EFKA
The Pyramids
Other papers
Hemp papers

Introducing EFKA.....

The name - EFKA is derived from the name of the the man who founded the company, Fritz Kiehn.  Efka Werke Fritz Kiehn GmbH are based in Trossingen, Germany where their central warehouse is located.  From here goods are distributed to more than 20 regional warehouses and shipping facilities throughout Europe.

Apart from manufacturing rolling papers, EFKA market a wide range of filter tips, rolling machines and cigarette boxes. A name well known within Germany where Efka manufactures for the whole European market but also in Canada where they manufacture for the North American continent.

EFKA's recent success is the introduction of CANUMA hemp papers and the King size XXX.  CANUMA is the only EFKA brand readily available in the UK.  EFKA claim these are the most successful introductions ever done in the cigarette rolling paper market. (Please leave a message in the Guestbook, if you disagree with them... )

Arcadia Bell

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