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These pages are dedicated to Bruce Wheaton in appreciation of his ongoing support- and also because I have blatantly stolen this superb background from his papers site at http://www.entrada-ranch.com/papers.htm .    Bruce tells me he blantantly stole it from Hightimes at. http://www.hightimes.com/.......We will see if it stops there. 
& Other Giant Skins

(There are no duplicates of these packets)

Esmeralda Ltd traded back in the 1970's with a London PO Box number.  I can find no trace of them now.   One of the first companies to produce giant size rolling papers, Esmeralda ceratinly left their mark with this excellent graphic and somewhat bizarre flavours of paper.
Any information regarding Esmeralda would be gratefully received..

Plain White - 50 papers. 150 x 45mm G04_2C1

CLOVE scented WHEAT STRAW - 50 papers 150 x 50mm. G04_2C3
Note the spelling, Bruce!

VIRGINIA BREEZE scented.  50 papers, 150mm x 50mm. G04_2C3
This packet had the most amazing smell of freshness back in the 70's.  I imagine the smell has disappeared now.  Best not to consider what chemicals were used to create this.

Two more - also made in England....

SKIN ALLEY SKINS - G04_2C4. 40 papers 153 x 48mm

BIG 5's - G04_2C5, 40 papers 153 x 48mm

Scotland's end to the English giant paper monopoly -

 - well worth a wee visit.


Arcadia Bell

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