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   GIZEH Smoking Culture

 Our thanks and appreciation to GIZEH for their support with this collection.


Introducing GIZEH
The Sphinx
More papers
Even more
Hemp papers

Introducing GIZEH.....

GIZEh has been one of the world's leading "Roll your Own" specialists ever since 1920.  From Europe they supply the global market with cigarette papers and accessories for the smoker of self-made cigarettes.  "GIZEH Smoking Culture",  the flagship division is the oldest member of the GIZEH group which is engaged in various sectors of paper and plastic processing.

In addition to its extensive selection of rolling papers in country-specific brands, GIZEH produces a broad range of filter tubes, cigarette rollers and personal filling machines.

GIZEH have also recently entered the Hemp paper market with its "Hanf" papers.

Arcadia Bell

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