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The Rizla Pages

The Arcadia Bell Collection

In the UK, the name is almost synonymous with "Rolling Papers".  Here are the papers in the Arcadia Bell Collection marketed under the RIZLA (or RIZ LA +) name.  These may have come from any of the several Rizla sites in the world.  Bear in mind that many of the papers shown on other pages in this collection would have also been manufactured or marketed by Rizla .
Our thanks to Rizla in Wales and I.O.M for their support

La Demoiselle aux Fleurs
             Older Rizla

         Rizla Blues

        Rizla Reds

       Rizla Greens

        Other Rizlas

Even more Rizlas!


Goudron La +

Facts about Rizla

The Rizla Gallery

(Featuring the La Croix Collection!)

Arcadia Bell

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Rizla - two centuries of success

           (The Western Mail - 19th April 1995)

Arcadia Bell

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