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 Our thanks and appreciation to Miquel y Costas & Miquel for their support with this collection.



Introducing Miquel y Costas
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The earliest documented reference to the company date back to 1725, when the Miquel family made paper by hand in mills driven by the rich and pure flow of the Anoia River.

It was not until the 1820s that the Miquel family started specialising in cigarette paper, moving its production in 1879 to a factory in La Pobla de Claramunt and founding the company MIQUEL Y COSTAS HERMANOS.  In 1929, the company was incorporated and took its present name MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL S.A.

Cigarette paper booklets first appeared in the 19th century and their international brand, SMOKING, was introduced in 1924.  Since then their specialised pulp, paper and booklet production combined with perpetual research have allowed them to continue to develop new varieties of papers and booklets capable of satisfying the most demanding smokers.  It is not by chance that the SMOKING, brand is marketed in more than 30 countries world-wide. Miquel Y Costas is also the sole worldwide producer of the brand Bambu, which they market in Europe themselves. They also supply the cigarette paper for Randy's wired papers & plain papers.

UPDATE: In a blow to the entire rolling paper Industry,  Miquel Y Costas was recently criminally charged with using illegal toxic cancer causing carcinogens in their cigarette papers. The court found/alleges that Miquel Y Costas did this in order to lower production costs and raise profits. We were shocked by this news and felt it needed to be put into the public venue for discussion.. [Link to Article]

Counter: We would like to note that the process or products that Miquel Y Costas was convicted of using or making are not illegal in the USA. The US distributor for Smoking has vehemently asked us to make it clear to readers that Miquel Y Costas is fighting the conviction and has filed an appeal to the court.  They hope to vindicate themselves.  The US distributor asks that people not over-react and say that other papers commonly sold in the marketplace may contain the same or similar materials. "Miquel Y Costas makes some of the best rolling papers in the world and the conviction is really not correct and will likely be overturned"


Arcadia Bell



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