The Notorious B.I.G.® Wraps

This one is awesome!

Biggie Smalls is our favorite all-time hip hop artist so you can imagine how we feel about this new wrap. The Notorious B.I.G cigar wraps come with 3 wraps in every pack; 2 regular and 1 natural leaf.

The Limited Edition line of Notorious B.I.G cigar wraps come in four choices:

Sales of this new wrap have been huge! We're wondering what's more popular, Biggie's music or his wraps. If you can get a hold of some - stock up before they sell out.

Update 2009: Due to the increased taxes due to SCHIP, the cost of cigar and cigarette tobacco has increased 200%. This has led to consumers using less tobacco per cigar and cigarette. We heard you guys complain about this and that our wraps were simply too large. Because of this we have discontinued manufacturing all blunt sized wraps and products. All new products are now the smaller cigarillo size that will help you get the most smoking enjoyment per dollar spent on tobacco!

Goodbye Notorious B.I.G Blunts – Hello Notorious B.I.G Cigarillo Wraps!!



Big Poppa
Skys The Limit










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