Cigar Wraps

Wraps are flavored cigar leaves to be used to roll your own cigar. They can be used with Cigar Tobaccos, Pipe Tobacco or even Cigarette Tobacco
(preferably a blend of Cigar and Pipe tobacco for most smokers). The art of making a cigar is no different than the art of making a cigarette. 


  1. SAVE UP TO 75% OR MORE:  Compared to a premium cigar, a custom rolled cigar costs about 75% less.  Sure – that’s a great reason to roll your own but the better reason comes next.

  2. IT’S THE BEST CIGAR YOU WILL EVER SMOKE;  Because YOU rolled it and YOU picked out the tobacco and YOU get to choose the size, shape and tightness/draw,  it’s custom tailored to your individual palette.  Commercial cigars make a point to have each one taste consistent – meaning  if you smoke one particular brand and size commercial cigar then every other one will taste exactly the same.  That’s extremely boring for an adult smoker whose palette and tastes evolve on a daily basis.

    The average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, they're not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; these are especially sensitive to flavored leaves.