Cyclones are a new patented innovation in smoking! From the beginning of time people have complained that the start of a cigarette tastes better then the butt. This is true with all cigarettes and cigars. The reason this happens is that as you smoke a cigarette, the tobacco you are smoking passes through the unsmoked tobacco with every puff. This causes the unsmoked tobacco to act almost like a filter. It picks up nicotine and tar from the burning tobacco and becomes much stronger in both flavor and nicotine content. So, as your cigar burns each puff gets a stronger taste than the one before it, until the flavor has become so strong that it’s no longer enjoyable.

We have conquered this problem with the invention of the Cyclone perfect cone. When a Cyclone burns, more tobacco is burned at the beginning, and progressively less is burned with each puff. Therefore, as your tobacco gets stronger and stronger, you are burning less and less of it. Thus, the first puff tastes almost the same as the final puff. The Cyclone gives the most even and enjoyable smoking experience possible.

Cyclones Cone Smoking Tube

Brace yourself; you are about to be blown away! Cyclones™ are the world's first pre-rolled flavored cone smoking tube. The cone style of rolling smoking tube has become very popular due to its unique burning characteristics. However rolling such a shape is a difficult and messy process for most. Cyclones™ instantly remedy this problem as they are already pre-rolled! The pre-rolled Cyclone™ funnel shape allows the user to easily place their tobacco within the tube with no spillage.

A built in paper filter tip adds to the convenience of Cyclones™!

Cyclones™ come in nine whirling flavors; Peach, Sour Apple, Fruit Punch, Strawberry-Kiwi, Blueberry, Honey, Natural, Mango and White Chocolate.




As further proof that the clear paper market isn’t dead yet – it’s just evolved into new products these CYCLONES CLEAR CONES are awesome.   Cyclones are the best selling cone product in the US and aren’t about to let the Clear phenomenon pass them by.  Cyclones Clear have printed tips that show through the clear cone – (check it out in the photos – this product is COOL!).  Smokers have been unanimous in their approval.  

All Cyclones come in a freshness-guaranteed resealable tube.  You can fill the cone, drop it back in it’s tube and smoke it later. Most people save the tubes to use with all of their cigarettes.  Let’s face it,  if you’re going to smoke then cone shaped cigars are the best way to do it!

New Extra Slow Burning Double-Wrapped Cone Smoking Tubes

Cyclones are the most popular cone smoking tube in the world. When Cyclones were launched in 2003, they took the market by storm with their innovative Cone-Shaped approach to smoking tubes. Now years later Cyclones are yet again revolutionizing the cone smoking tube market with a new double-wrapped cone cigarette tube. This product is based on several market tests and feedback given directly from cone smokers. These smokers said that their #1 request was to make cone smoking tubes more enjoyable is to make them burn slower so that the burn rate would match Cavendish tobaccos (a blend of cigarette tobacco with Cavendish is downright delectable). Their #2 request was a more natural product. So, Cyclones has invented a new extra slow burning cone smoking tube that is double wrapped with a natural (not homogenized) tobacco leaf.

Cyclones XtraSlo are double flavored – both the inner and outer leaf are flavored – doubling the flavor experience.

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