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Large     C13_1C3
500 Leaves (slight surface damage) C13_5C5
New No 196


Big Bambu     C02_4C3
Cannabis     C02_2C2
Double Wide     C02_5C4
Light Weight     C02_5C2
Square - 39     C02_2C1

Big Ben

 Red Single BB1


Alien     CHILLS3
Alien 1.5     CHILLS1.5
Alien         CHILLS5
Tribal     CHILLS1
Tribal     CHILLS2


Square     D01_2C1
Square     D01_3C1


Blue King Size     A14_1C1
Blue King Size     A14A_01
Red Double     A14A_05
Regular Blue         A14_3C1
Regular Red         A14A_08


2 - 5 Square     DOM_25

Drum & Duma

Double     C07_2C3
Single     C07_1C2
Single     C07_1C5
Single    C07_1C6
Single     C07_1C8
Traveller     C07_3C5
Single     C07_3C3


Canuma - English     C06_1C5
Canuma - English     C06_3C8
Canuma - Dutch     C06_3C6
Efka Blau     C06_1C3
El Rey     C06_3C2
Muskote 100     C04_3C4
Muskote 100     C06_3C1
Pyramids     C05_2C2
Pyramids     C05_1C3


E-Z wider

1¼     B05_2C5
Double Wide     B07_2C3
French     B05_1C4
Lights     B07_1C1
Lights     B07_2C1
Lights 1½     B07_1C2



Ali (empty)     C04_1C1
Black Lily     C03_1C1
Black Lily     C04_4C9
Cascade     C03_2C8
Cascadeur     C03_2C4
Gizeh     C04_2C1
Gizeh     C04_4C6
Green Lily     C04_4C7
Golden Sphinx     C04_1C3
Golden Sphinx KS         C04_1C6
Hanf Double     C03_1C8
Marie 100     C03_2C5
Marie Bleu     C03_1C9
Marie 100     C06_2C4
Papyrollis with bar code  C04_2C9
Red Lily     C04_4C8
Roof     C03_2C6
Single Green    C04_1C9
Single Red     C04_1C7
Special     C03_1C3
Special     C06_2C7
Sphinx Double Red     C04_4C5
Zwaar hemp     C06_2C9



JaJa Hemp    Hemp01
Skunk    Hemp04A
West -  Hemp10

Highland Papers

50 Smoking Tips     G08_1C1
Bone    Not yet catalogued
Cosmic     G08_1C4
Decadence ( various colors)     G08_1C3
Dr Hermans     Not yet catalogued
Front Line     Not yet catalogued
Giant skins (various colours)     G06_1C3
Headquarter     G08_1C5
The Last Rebel     G08_1C2
Pantera    Not yet catalogued
9 bar     Not yet catalogued
Alien 1         Not yet catalogued
Alien 2     Not yet catalogued



38 bis - hard Cover    B02_4C5
Extra Long     B02_2C7
Sup' air     B02_3C6
Combustible Aéré No 74  B02_4C7
Mint Aéré No 77    B02_4C8
Strawberry Aéré No 76   B02_4C9
Blue Cutcorners     B02_5C3



1¼ Size     B03_1C4
1½ Size     B03_1C3
1½ Size     B03_2C4
French     B03_2C2


Lion of Judah

Kulu     LOJ_1C1
IRIE     LOJ_2C2



Regular     C13_5C3
New Design     C13_5C8A
New Design     C13_5C8B
New Design     C13_5C8C
New Design     C13_5C8D
Football Offer  (0909 - 2026014) - C13_5C9A
Football Offer  (0909 - 2026024) - C13_5C9C
Sawah - C13_6C2
Trix - C13_6C4



Filigrane - bar code     OCB_1F
Filigrane 1.¼     OCB_1E
Filigrane King Size     OCB_1D
Filigrane- no bar code     C14_1C4
No. 8     OCB_1B
OCB Star C14_2C4
Wasserfest       OCB1C


Europac Leaf     RASS03
Giant Hemp     RASS09
Rainbow hemp     RASS06
Square Black     RASS14
White roll     ROLL01
Yan & Yan roll     ROLL07



Blue Roll     RPS_B01
Hemp roll     RPS_H01
Hemp roll     RPS_H03
Red roll - no barcode     RPS_R01
Red roll with barcode     RPS_R02



Blue 50     A02_1C1
Blue automatique No 136     A01_1C4
Blue Double     A01_2C4
Blue King Size - bar code     A02_2C3
Blue King Size - no bar code     A01_1C1
Blue Regular     A01_1C3
Blue Regular     A01_2C2
Blue Regular - bar code     A01_2C3
Blue square     A01_2C1
Gold Double     A06_1C5
Green double         A05_1C2
Green double - bar code     A05_2C5
Green King Size         A05_1C5
Green regular     A05_2C4
Green regular 50         A05_1C3
HM Prisons only     A06_2C3
Lights             A08_1C4
Liquorice     A06_2C1
Liquorice     A06_2C6
Originals - blue     A08_1C8
Originals - double     A08_1C9
Originals - green     A08_1C7
Originals - red     A08_1C6
Red Automatique No 135     A03_1C5
Red double     A03_1C4
Red King size     A03_2C4
Red regular     A04_1C4
Red regular - bar code     A04_1C3
Red regular 50     A04_1C1
Red single     A04_1C2
Red single     A04_2C3
Red with www.Rizla.com     A04_2C7
Ventaire - Supercools     A06_2C2
Rizla wired  with barcode
Wheetstraw double         A06_1C4
Wheetstraw King Size     A06_2C4


RS Rolls

Blue     Rolls01
Green     Rolls02
Pink       Rolls04



Single     C08_2C2
Single     C08_2C4
Single     C08_3C2
Single     C08_3C3
Square     C08_2C6



Blue Double - no 119     MDB1
Blue King Size     MKB1
Blue Single - No 8     MSB2
ECO King Size     MKH2
Gold Slim - King Size     MKG1
Green Hemp King size     MKH1
Papel Paja de Trigo     MCO1
Papel Tobaco     MSQR7
Pure Hemp     MYC_PH1
Red 200's     MSO3
Red Double No 119     MDR1
Red King Size     MKR1
Red King Size     MKR2
Red Single -  No 8     MSR1
Red Single -  No 9     MSR2
Red Traditional     MSQR1
(Engomado Mechanico    MSQR3)
Red 50 leaves 80 x 25mm     MSR7
Roll     MS01



Blue - 2nd series     A12_1C2
Green - 1st series     A09_1C1
Green - new     A09B_1C1
Green - new with offer     A09A_1C1
Green - sculptor bar code     A10A_1C3
Green - shepherd     A11_1C1
Green - shepherd bar code  A11A_1C1
Green - tractor bar code      A11A_1C5
King Size - Angler     A12B_2C3
King Size - Sailor     A10B_2C1
Liquorice - new     A09A_2C2
Red - angler bar code     A12A_2C3
Red - gardener bar code     A12A_2C5
Red - shepherd bar code     A11A_2C1
Red 2nd series     A09_2C3


Tobacco Adverts

Amber Leaf - Green    C09_4C1
Amber Leaf - Red        C09_4C2
Amber Leaf - Blue        C09_4C3
Cutters Choice
Jakobs  (Boxes of 5)   HS1_05
Old Holborn     C09_1C1
Camel     C09_3C1
Players     D03_2C1
The Virginian     C09_2C6
Tobacco Farm     HS1_02
Turners     HS1_08


Union Match

Blue     UM_1B2
Green     UM_1G2
Red     UM_1R2


Van Nelle

White     VN1_01



Classic     B09_4C2
Cutcorners  B09 4C6
King Size     B09_2C3
King Size    B09_3C6
Le Zouave - yellow     B09_3C5
White Double    B09_4C4


Miscellaneous  - not yet catalogued (or catalogued but not sorted)

Black Death
Die Weissen
Fumosan Modiano
Gran Fabca de Papel
Haut Gout
Joy Green
Modiano - white
Roll Your own - LLF
Tally - Ho
Tip Zigarettenpapier
UK Papers - green
Il Veliero
Geranto Techador
50 leaves (Old map)
Black Fire - Liquorice
Fields of Dreams
Ventura whites
Yo Fumo Tupinamba



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