How to Roll Your Own Cigar with Wraps:

1. Carefully unravel the wrap off the straw.
2. Fold it in half
3. Fill evenly with your choice of tobacco, at least 1g for a wrap usually works best.
4. You want to roll the tobacco between your thumbs to shape it into a cylinder shape. (Don't roll the wrap itself, just roll your thumbs back and forth)
5. Roll it up like a cylinder. (When rolling a cigar wrap, they usually come out a straight cylinder, without a nice mouth piece like a regular cigar) Start from the middle and get that nice and tucked and tight, and move your thumbs toward the end and keep rolling
6. When you only have enough room to lick, lick away and wrap that last bit around it tight to seal it.
7. After it has been wet and stuck together, dry it with a lighter.
8. Use the straw to gently and carefully pack the ends down tight, you should be able to pack one end down pretty far, make that your mouth piece. (When you use the lighter to dry the wrap, it usually makes the mouth end pretty sturdy)
9. Light it.